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COMMISSION AGENDA <br />ITEM 304 <br />May 14, 2018 <br />Regular Meeting <br />REQUEST: <br />Informational <br />Consent <br />X <br />Public Hearings <br />Regular <br />KS <br />City Manager <br />Department <br />The Community Development Department requesting the City Commission: 1) validate the <br />Staff recommendation finding the Integra 360 Phase 2 sitework to be built in substantial <br />accordance with the Final Engineering plans, subject to the enclosed punchlist; and 2) <br />accept the public infrastructure improvements for ownership and maintenance. <br />SYNOPSIS: <br />Sitework for the second and final phase of the Integra 360 apartment project is substantially <br />complete and has been conditionally approved by the applicable City Departments. This <br />agenda item provides the site acceptance necessary before a final certificate of occupancy <br />can be issued by the building official for the remaining buildings to be completed. <br />CONSIDERATIONS: <br />APPLICABLE CODE: <br />Section 9-178. Required Improvements to be completed prior to building on lots; <br />exceptions. <br />(c) Where the building official has an authoritative method of assurance that the <br />improvements will be completed in accordance with approved plans, such as withholding <br />occupancy, the building official may issue building permits upon advising the developer <br />that all or partial occupancy will be restricted until satisfactory completion of the <br />improvements has be accomplished. <br />(d) ... Certificates of occupancy will not be issued until all improvements are accepted by <br />Consent 304 PAGE 1 OF 3 - May 14, 2018 <br />