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COMMISSION AGENDA <br />ITEM 200 <br />May 14, 2018 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Informational <br />X <br />Consent <br />PROJECT NAME <br />Public Hearings <br />LAST ACTION ITEM <br />Regular <br />Dream Finders <br />KS <br />City Manager <br />Department <br />REQUEST: <br />The Community Development Department is advising the City Commission of the status of <br />current development projects within the City. <br />SYNOPSIS: <br />The following is a list of proposed and approved development projects with recent activity. <br />CONSIDERATIONS: <br />PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT <br />PROJECTS <br />PROJECT NAME <br />LOCATION <br />LAST ACTION ITEM <br />CURRENT STATUS <br />Dream Finders <br />Town Center - <br />City Commission <br />Final Engineering and <br />Townhomes (Winter <br />east side of <br />approved Preliminary <br />Aesthetic Plans are being <br />prepared by the <br />Springs Townhomes) - 114 <br />Michael Blake <br />Engineering 1/08/2018. <br />developer. <br />Units <br />Blvd <br />APPROVED DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS / <br />UNDER CONSTRUCTION <br />PROJECT NAME LOCATION LAST ACTION ITEM CURRENT STATUS <br />Octopus Car Wash - Final Engineering, <br />Renovation of Existing 510W. SR 434 Aesthetic Review, and Sitework under <br />Mr. Big's Super Car Conditional construction. <br />Wash Use approved by City <br />ommission 2/12/2018 <br />Informational 200 PAGE 1 OF 3 - May 14, 2018 <br />