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CITY OF WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA <br />1126 EAST STATE ROAD 434 <br />WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA 32708 -2799 <br />TELEPHONE: (407) 327 -1800 <br />FACSIMILE: (407) 327 -4753 <br />WEBSITE: <br />AGENDA <br />CITY OF WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA <br />PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD/LOCAL PLANNING AGENCY <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 2011 — 7:00 P.M. <br />CITY HALL — COMMISSION CHAMBERS <br />1126 EAST STATE ROAD 434 <br />WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA <br />.... NOTE: IT IS NOT UNCOMMON THAT THERE MAY BE CHANGES TO <br />THIS AGENDA, INCLUDING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED <br />TO THE PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD /LOCAL PLANNING AGENCY..�.� <br />PLEASE SILENCE CELLULAR TELEPHONES <br />AND /OR PAGERS DURING THE MEETING <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />Roll Call <br />Invocation <br />Pledge Of Allegiance <br />Agenda Changes <br />INFORMATIONAL AGENDA <br />INFORAI ATIONAL <br />100. Not Used. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />CONSENT <br />200. Office Of The City Clerk <br />Requesting Approval Of The June 1, 2011 Planning And Zoning Board /Local <br />Planning Agency Regular Meeting Minutes. <br />